The Whistler - Bioshock Infinite Fanart

Desmond man final comp06
Desmond man final comp05
Desmond man final comp04
Desmond man final comp03
Desmond man wip04 comp
Low Poly Clean Bakes
Desmond man wip03 comp
High Poly Phase
Desmond man final comp07

Triangles: 9,221
Rendered in: Substance Painter / Similar Results in Marmoset
Textured in: Substance Painter
Baking Engines: xNormal / Substance Painter

The original concept was not produced by me. The original concept art comes from the high profile IP "Bioshock Infinite".

"The Whistler is a musical instrument resembling a pan flute that is used for summoning Songbird by the Songbird Defense System. It is typically affixed to Statues of Comstock which set off whenever they sense that someone is in Elizabeth's vicinity." - Bioshock Wiki