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Chronos Gate (iOS/Android)

Chronos Gate hit #1 Top Free Games on iOS AppStore Hong Kong on the day of the launch.
Before release it has been revealed across a wide variety of asian media sources and also headlined
at the Taiwan Game Show 2016 with it’s own exhibition stage sidelining with Madhead’s other very
successful game called Tower of Saviours.

Chronosgate is a Linear Path Puzzle RPG mobile game which is powered by the Unity Engine.
The app still runs on a Samsung Galaxy S2 at 60 FPS. The game has been heavily optimized and
every environment me and my team have built all reside within and under 6,000 triangles for the
entire level, no use of in-game lighting and textured by 3/4 1024x1024 flat diffuse maps.
My role within this project was heavily based around building assets & matte painting backgrounds
for the lead artist to use. The lead artist would then repack artwork into the 3/4 texture maps.

Desmond man work chronosgate01
Desmond man work chronosgate02
Desmond man work chronosgate03