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Vintage Classical Leather Armchair Environment Asset

I was recently featured in issue 94 of 3DArtist Magazine for this project. I would like to thank them deeply for the honour in including me as a part of their magazine release.

This model initially started off as a advanced modelling study I wanted to do to practice floral decorative surfaces on heavy curvature.
I then later decided to bake it and texture it ready for games use.

The original modelling began with templates I drew out in photoshop to use for modelling over back in 3dsmax. I then used bend/FFD modifiers to get desired curvatures and surfaces. Once I formed some final surfaces e.g. the bolted leather backing detail, I decided to bring the model into zbrush for some final tweaking and final details to make the model feel less uniform.

After the high poly was built I then retoplogised the high poly in 3dsmax using the ribbon tools and then prepared the model for baking inside Substance Painter and the final stage on the model.

Desmond man 3dartist image
Desmond man 3dartist01
Desmond man 3dartist02
Desmond man vintagechair showcase01 v2
Desmond man vintagechair showcase02 v2