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Vintage Fireplace - Hard-Surface Study

I spent the last day or so just having some fun building out this asset.
I've always resorted to using IMM brushes in Zbrush to build and layer up floral designs for my previous environment assets so I felt maybe I'd have some fun building the floral patterns in traditional modelling techniques in 3dsmax instead.

The wooden logs were sculpted in Zbrush. I lined out all major detail e.g. forms, bark separation, log ends, etc and then later on polished it up with an alpha overlay on the bark for additional surface detail.

I plan to later on possibly texture it in Substance Designer/Painter or even include it in my next Environment somewhere but for the time being it will remain untextured.

Modeled in: 3ds Max
Zbrush used for: Fire Wood

Desmond man work mstudies01
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